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Responsive Websites

Show the world what your business has to offer with a mobile friendly, functional, and beautiful new website that is Google ready. Contact me now for a quote!

Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO, this product is a long-term way to get you to the top of Google organically through local business listings, coding, tags, and custom content.

Social Media Marketing

Make sure your best social media posts are being seen by your ideal customer. Done through Business Manager, this is more than just boosting a post. Come see the difference.

Targeted Display Advertising

You know those ads that follow you around on any website that you visit? Yeah that’s me! You can get in front of your customers too with targeted display advertising.

Search Engine Marketing

Also knows as SEM, PPC (pay-per-click), Ad words… & more. Want leads, calls, appointments booked NOW? This is the product for you.


Whether you are starting up your business from the ground and need help setting up profile pages, or you need input on your multi-level marketing plan, I can be your go-to gal!

“Building a website with no visitors is like putting up a billboard in the desert”

-Neil Patel

Things Clients Say:

  • I want a more functional website
  • How do I show up on Google?
  • I want higher rankings on the search engines
  • I need more/better reviews!
  • How do I get more orders on my online shop
  • I want a bigger social media presence
  • I need more views on my website page(s)
  • I NEED more LEADS!

Need help with Google, Social Media, or your current website?!



Who is Savannah? Hi! It’s me. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist who is here to help you grab a hold of your online marketing. Whether that is managing your website, placing Google ads, targeting potential customers through media or video ads, and/or growing your social media. All on a local level!

I have been in the digital world for almost 5 years now, with a ton of experience in traditional media as well. I feel confident helping you make big (or small) marketing decisions of any kind.

On a less-formal note, I love music. I have traveled all over the world to listen to my favorite bands live in concert. I love local beers, local people, and most importantly… my two cats.

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Helping you navigate through this digital world. Contact Savannah to set up a FREE consultation to see how we can grow your business.

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