Why Targeted Display Advertising is essential to your business in 2020

You have finally launched your brand-new website.. congratulations!! Now what???

Whether you are just getting started launching your brand, or if you have been around for years using traditional media.. I am talking to YOU! I may be biased, but I am loving all the targeted capabilities we now have in 2020.

Want to reach housewives looking for the perfect recipe? Want to reach guys who are into cross-fit? Want to reach kids that just moved back to your local college campus? Then targeted display is the right digital product for your business! Unlike traditional media that tends to skew towards a more seasoned age group, targeted display reaches everyone from kids who are watching youtube, to your great-grandma who just figured out how to comment on Facebook.

What is Targeted Display?

Have you ever searched for something on your desktop or phone and then days (or even moments) later, you see an ad for that very item or something similar? This is no coincidence. Your phone is definitely tracking you and what you search. This could be creepy for you as a customer, but as a business owner.. it’s a great way to reach your audience with a digital billboard!

The ads can come in many shapes and sizes.. Desktop, tablet and mobile all have different ad sizes for each platform. When working on creative, we will need to keep this in mind! The more visual the ad, the better the result. Basically, less is more!

We want to show off your brand, but the idea is for the potential customer to click on the ad and land on your website page, product, or service(s) we are promoting. Whether your goal is brand awareness, clicks to your site, or you want to actually SELL something on your page – these are a great way to do so!

How does it work?

Targeted display works by “pinging” your phone as the right customer almost daily. By signing up for emails, searching for keywords, or it seems like even thinking about a new product you might want can prompt an ad to pop up on your timeline or in your newsfeed.

For example, I have the ability to work directly with programmatic vendors that have open ad space on their websites. These include Food Network, Buzzfeed, Youtube, & even local news and other media outlets. It’s not really about the sites you visit, but more of what kind of behaviors you have online.

If you are ever wondering how you see the same or similar ads on multiple different platforms or sites, it’s because advertising on multiple channels = a bigger return on investment and can increase engagement significantly! Here are a few tactics we can use to target your target audience:

  • Behavioral – What are they interested in?
  • Demographic – What is their age, gender, job title?
  • Contextual – What kind of content do they read/look at? C
  • Geographic – Where are they located? Local or National!
  • Facebook & Instagram – Do they follow you? Are they regular users?
  • Re-marketing – Have they visited your website or searched for you before?
  • & More!

The Value of Digital Marketing

Am I helping answer some of your questions on why you are receiving the ads that you see? Because they are the perfect ad for you! Engaging with your local audience is so important right now. The online space may seem flooded, but sometimes people just need a friendly reminder why to shop or use your services.

In short, display marketing serves several purposes. It makes customers aware of their needs. It offers opportunities to re-invigorate potential or returning customers. It provides more reach and increases brand awareness to those who are near & dear to your business. And the best part is it is not as expensive as you would think! The average monthly campaign can reach up to 1,000 customers for only $10. What would you do with hundreds of eyeballs on your brand daily? I’ll tell ya what.. MAKE $$$!

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