Podcast Feature: Bourbon with the Bluegrass Babes & Digital Savvy

In Winter 2022, Savannah with Digital Savvy had the privilege of being interviewed by The Bourbon Bluegrass Babes at The Warehouse Block in Lexington!

We sat and drank bourbon & discussed Digital Savvy. We spoke all about what we do & how we got started. We described that we began in peak-pandemic time in April 2020. We are Google Premier Partners and specialize in Digital Marketing for all size businesses. We can serve those all over the country who need some assistance with their website, SEO, SEM. targeted marketing or any type of advertising or consulting.

We also talked in-depth with the Babes (also known as Leigh, Kayla & Hannah) about social media and how important it is to connect with your audience on these multiple platforms. “I feel like people use social media just as much as they do Google now, when it comes to looking at businesses” said Hannah.

Savannah agreed that it’s extremely important to increase awareness and create that personal relationship between you and your target audience. People scroll an average of 2 hours + daily. Make sure they are seeing the content you put out there whether it’s organic and done on the front-end of Instagram/Facebook, or ads created in Business Manager on the back-end.

We then talked about the journey to start up Digital Savvy and what Savannah accomplished on her way to growing her own business & continue working with local clients. Starting during the beginning of the pandemic allowed the DS team to work with businesses who were in a moment of pause and had time to reflect on how their digital presence will effect their sales.

Next, the Babes asked what Savannah would want o be her legacy – she said, “You do not need to work from 9-5 every day!” Our society is starting to change the way we work and stay “productive”. The ability to be multi-passionate is very important to our team. Savannah talked through her daily schedule and how working remotely in 2023 is working for her mind and body.

The Love Club

Since we are all remote and working from home (hopefully!) still, Savannah formed The Love Club. The group was formed in 2020 after the pandemic kept most of us isolated for months. Some career paths are already isolating like graphic design, solo makers, and someone like me who works from home constantly! Savannah realized the need to connect with others through a Facebook group. At the time, social media was our only way to keep in touch! 

In 2023, the Love Club has grown to doing in-person events in downtown Lexington. We now present the Magic of Marketing series where we discuss the immense connection between YOU and your clients, customers & biggest supporters.  This is a free event and is open to the public.

Join the Love Club & check out our upcoming events!

The last question the Bourbon Bluegrass Babes asked Savannah was “If you had one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?” Trust your gut. You know the right move. Breaking through that fear to go out on your own & fulfill yourself. Not for someone else, not for your bank account or for your own expectations.. just do it & trust yourself!

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