How to Build The Best Landing/Sales Page

If you’ve ever come to a website while shopping online, you have probably landed on a sales page. Especially if you were looking for a software, high-ticket item, or a product seen while scrolling. In fact, this page is probably what inspired you to whip out your credit card or cough up some information.

What is a Sales Page?

A sales page is your best opportunity to explain your products and services to visitors and make them want to buy. It needs to be attention-grabbing, informative, and persuasive, all at the same time.

This is a page, much different than the homepage of your site. This is because the goal of a homepage is not just to drive conversions. They attract a much wider audience, and with navigational tabs and generic language, they are not tailored to converting a very specific customer the way a sales page is. 

Consider it a summary of why exactly people should buy from you, and the quickest way to reach you. So, first things first.. keep it short and sweet. No scrolling necessary.

A landing page is also a very important tool to use in marketing to track visits to the specific URL, track leads and incoming calls/forms that come in from our Digital Marketing Campaigns directly.

Example of a landing page from Lyft to try to get more drivers.

Helpful Tip: This can be a hidden page on the site, so not visible to the average viewer. It does not need to appear in the menu – therefore it can only be accessed through marketing or private sharing of the URL!

Some successful sales pages bring in millions of dollars to a business through passive income. Wouldn’t that be great if you had a digital partner who could tell you all about how to build the perfect landing page? And, what to include to make $$$ effortlessly! AND… keep track of reporting for your digital marketing efforts?! Heck yes!

Here are a few key elements to consider when building a landing page:

1. Know Your Audience

Before we dive in.. let’s take a look at who we will be chatting with. What type of person is landing on this page? How did they get here? What are they interested in?

There are a ton of factors that go into the perfect customer. It may be different than you think! Check out my other blog post on Developing the Perfect Target Audience to learn how to put one together on your own!

2. A Strong Headline

These target audience members are looking to your business for an answer to their question(s). Most of the times they are asking Google and end up on this page. Now show them what you’re made of! Something they can resonate with. Something that will help them through their “pain point” they are experiencing right now.

Having a Value Proposition also helps by saying this is who we are, and this is who we help. Here’s a client sales page we have created for example.

3. List of Services or Product information

Along with an image or two, it’s always helpful to add in some valuable info about what it is you offer and how it can help. Explaining your offerings in a more direct fashion will have your potential customers weighing options and determining what is the best outcome for them.

This could be a simple list of services, a feature of 3 price points, or a general overview of what it is you offer. A visual component goes a long way. We do not want to be too long-winded here.

4. Testimonial

Let’s be honest, they might not care what you have to say about your own product/service. They do however care about people’s reviews & experience working with your business.

Reviews and social proof are a great way to establish trust with your clients and seal the deal. When they feel like they can trust you, it is easier to make the decision to buy or contact you from this point on.

Call to Action

You have their attention. Now get the info you need to complete the sale! Reel them in with a “Book Now” button or ask them to “Join the Movement” and fill out a form or link to your phone number. This is a direct line to you and your services.

Align this with your conversion goals, and you have a winner. For example, if I were to offer you (yes YOU!) a FREE Marketing Consultation right now to help you grow your business online.. would you take it? Well click here now, because you should 😉

Here’s another great example of a Call To Action (CTA) that appears multiple times on the page.

Obviously including Contact Information is going to be very important in tracking your marketing! We are even able to create Call Tracking Phone Numbers through Google Ads so we can listen and keep up with incoming calls.


So, all that to tell you Sales/Landing pages are super-important for tracking Digital Marketing Campaigns, but also for a quick conversion for your existing or perfect target audience. All landing pages should include A Strong Headline, A small List of Services or Products, Calls to Action or Ways to contact you, and few images and testimonials from happy customers. That’s it!

Start Creating Now

Ready to start making money with one click? Start by creating a new page in your website platform and check out some helpful templates. If you need a little help in the Website department, contact Savannah for more information and for us to help create the perfect landing page for you!

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