Developing the Perfect Target Audience ~ Magic or Mania?

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When starting out as a business, I thought I knew exactly who my target audience was. Women small business owners between 21-35 who listened to good music, were down to earth, and wanted to grow their business online. 

Welp – as it works out.. I was totally wrong. Not something I usually like to admit, but when I looked through my Instagram insights, analytics from the back-end of my website, and took a look at who my clients actually are; I had the profile all wrong. 

I was looking at my audience too gradual.

Women: Who doesn’t want to work with empowering women?! I definitely do. But, I have found just as many men in the area who have a business and just do not have  time or effort to put into targeting women through social media, their messaging, in some cases even the ~aesthetic~ of their business. 

I once had a meeting with a successful restaurant owner in Lexington. Her advice? Develop the menu, cocktails, and even the decor to please females. They are the ones that ultimately make the decision of where her significant other, girl friends, or family goes out to eat. So create the perfect space for HER! 

How do I know who my audience is? 

Think about your ideal customer. Where do they live? Are they single? Married? What do they like? Where do they shop? What kind of shoes do they like? What type of job do they have? Where do they go on the weekends? What have they been doing in quarantine? 

All these things go so much deeper into what the behaviors of these people actually are. Tech companies have built this ability to create profiles of certain “people”. Basically, if you tell Facebook your perfect customer, they will send you 100 people that look just like that person and will show them your ad. Pretty crazy. 

The algorithm uses predictions based on your current activity online, and previous actions. We have the ability to target based on behavior, demographic, interest, and of course location. Additionally, your job title, marital status, where you frequently shop.. Is it getting creepy yet?! 

What I’m saying is… 

Do your research. Look at your competitors and see what their clients look like. Check in on your social media insights & your website analytics to see who is visiting and buying your products & viewing your current content. Examine some market research for the current year or future. Then, contact me & we can develop a strategic plan to get in front of them. 

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